5 outstanding advantages of integrating Sitelock with  WordPress hosting

5 outstanding advantages of integrating Sitelock with  WordPress hosting

5 outstanding advantages of integrating Sitelock with  WordPress hosting

WordPress’ browser agnostic nature has made it quite popular among design, hosting as well as business communities. But with the rate of adopting WordPress, the question of security comes into play. As a third party script, WordPress is susceptible to vulnerabilities. Hence, securing your online files is of essence. A tool that has ensured complete protection of your web pages from vulnerabilities is SiteLock. It is deployed by users for protection against malware, cross-site scripting and SQL injection etc. Hackers try to misuse vital information on your website with some of the aforementioned practices. But SiteLock guarantees your website’s and your business’ safety. Which is why, SiteLock is earning a following within different web-professional communities.

This article seeks to throw light on the benefits of  planning the security of your WordPress hosting website with SiteLock. So, let us deep dive and see how it can be useful for your website.

It scans for vulnerabilities on a daily basis
Hackers put your website in jeopardy by injecting malware which has the potential to take away all the important files, monetary transactions and critical details of your website. These damages take a lot of time to fix and rebuilding this important information is timestaking. SiteLock provides 360 degree (all kinds of security checks like malware, cross-script, SQL etc) vigilance to prevent such mishaps. With its routine check for vulnerabilities, all the security threats are kept in check eventually protecting your website and online business.

Provides smooth integration and compatibility

One of the major reasons for SiteLock’s popularity with WordPress hosting plans is that it reduces time-to-value considerably. This is because integrating SiteLock to any WordPress website does not take a lot of time like most softwares do. Since SiteLock functions on cloud-based technology, it starts the security scan for your website, as soon as it knows the domain of your website. So, to put it in a nutshell, there is no need for unnecessary plugins or add-ons to integrate and no other softwares to install.

Facilitates advanced data scans for business-critical workloads
SiteLock’s scanning prowess is touted to be even better than Google’s. Just like Google, SiteLock pulls out data from more than millions of websites and scans them for vulnerabilities and threats.It also tracks existing malware if any, in advance to detect latent threats that may develop later on to cause greater harm. In addition to these scans, SiteLock also allows you to verify emails, phone numbers and addresses. Only after a complete check and authentication verification, SiteLock will allow your customers and users to have a better experience, in a bid to gain their trust. This characteristic has made businesses choose SiteLock over other solutions while choosing a WordPress hosting plan.

Trust and authenticity

Every business would want a safe website for themselves and their visitors to use. This is because customers are aware of cyber threats and perils present in the web world. For any WordPress website passing through security checks of SiteLock, it is freed of all possible threats, displaying a seal of trust and authenticity. This fosters safer user experience. With this, your visitors are guaranteed that a WordPress website is protected by a secure provider and that they have no danger whatsoever in choosing a WordPress hosting.

Enhancing reputation of the website
Customers take the reputation of a brand in the market into account before they buy or consume it. This is applicable for websites as well. SiteLock provides a seal of authenticity for businesses to boost their reputation and win the trust of customers.By improving their online reputation, businesses can feel safer in the ecosystem and do business effectively. Moreover, WordPress websites protected by SiteLock’s extensive scanning also monitors emails and search engines that have been blacklisted. This guarantees the reputation of the online business/website, by allowing clear communication between themselves and their customers.

In addition to this
Customers who have integrated SiteLock in their WordPress website have benefitted with the former’s notifications in case of any file changes or updates on the website. This allows users to track the changes and see whether hackers are trying to access files at any point in time. Improved safety measures also ensure increase in the visitors and the number of form fills on the website.

We hope that you know how integrating SiteLock can secure your WordPress website. In closing we would like to recommend Bluehost’s WordPress hosting plans, one of the finest web hosting solution providers that you will find today. They provide SiteLock as a security addon in their combo packages for WordPress which are an absolute steal.