Harvard Business Services Review 2022: Pricing & Popular Alternatives

Formed on March 2, 1981, Harvard Business Services Inc. still remains one of the leading Delaware-based LLC incorporation services. The company has formed more than 200,000 businesses in Delaware, which is a great accomplishment considering it offers services only in one state.

In this Harvard Business Services review, we are going to walk you through everything you need to know about these services and help you decide whether it is the best service for you or not.

Harvard Business Services Advantages

Here are some of the benefits of using Harvard Business Service in Delaware: 

Great customer feedback

If you put a lot of emphasis on customer feedback, Harvard business services will be one of your best. They have thousands of reviews across many platforms with universally high scores. On Trustpilot, for instance, the company is rated 4.8/ 5 among 3, 323 reviewers making it among the best you will find on the site. 

Affordable Registered Agent Service

Harvard offers a year of free registered agent service with all its packages. After the one-year elapses, you can renew the service for only $50 annually, which is the lowest rate found in the market. Even better, this price remains the same throughout the life of your company.

Great Customer Support

Harvard business services do well when it comes to customer support, which is one of the areas they earn most of their positive customer reviews. In addition to offering reliable communication channels, Harvard also offers bilingual customer support. They even have a Spanish version of their full website. 

Quick Business Formation Services

If timeliness is a factor in the formation of your business, Harvard Business Services offers same-day formation with expedited filing.

Harvard Business Services LLC Service Formation Packages

Green Basic Standard
Basic LLC Filing Included Included Included
Registered Agent Service 50$/yr 50$/yr 50$/yr
Obtain EIN 65$ 65$ 65$
Operating Agreement Not included Included Included
Expedited Filing Not included Not included Included
Certificate of good standing 99$ 99$ 99$
Ongoing compliance notifications Included Included Included
A hard copy of filed documents Not included Not included Not included

Harvard Business Service packages come in multiple tiers, including Green, Basic, and Standard. Though the packages seem highly-priced, they include all the features you need to form your LLC.

Harvard Business Services Green: 179$

This is Harvard Business Service’s lowest-cost package and it includes the $90 Delaware state filing fees. The term “Green” comes from the fact that everything is done electronically. The package includes:

Business name availability check: Harvard Service will search the Delaware database to ensure the company name you are interested in is not already claimed by another entity. 

Preparation and filing of the articles of organization: Harvard Business Services will prepare and file articles of organization with the state on behalf of the company. This step is crucial in your LLC formation and it needs to be done properly. 

1-year free registered agent services: On receipt of government documents Harvard Business Services, scans and forwards them to you for one year at no extra charge. Since a  registered agent is a mandatory requirement when forming an LLC in the United States, this is an important feature to have. 

Compliance notification: Harvard Business Services helps to keep your newly formed company in good standing with the state by keeping track of any annual requirements Delaware has for your LLC or corporation.

Other important services offered in this package include free lifetime customer support, a digital copy of filed documents, and same-day electronic filing speed. 

Harvard Business Services Basic: 229$

The Basic package offers everything that the Green package offers plus:

Document templates: You will receive templates to create your own LLC operating agreement, digital membership certificates, banking resolution, and more, which helps to operate your LLC or corporation. 

Another important feature offered in this package is the hard copy of your filed document. It also includes priority mail service and shipping. 

Harvard Business Services Standard: 329$

This package includes all the services of the first two packages plus a business formation Kit and seal. This is a binder with your company name including more sample documents, and a custom lead-cast seal personalized for your company.

Harvard Business Services Quick Overview

Harvard business services

Best Overall Value

  • Ease of placing orders
  • Track record
  • Customer service
  • Overall turnaround time

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Harvard Business Services Customer Reviews

Harvard Business Services reviews are ranked one of the best on third-party sites like TrustPilot. Out of the 3, 323 reviews that we came across on TrustPilot, Harvard Business Service has an average rating of 4.8/ 5. This is one of the best ratings you will find on this site. 

However, there were some negative reviews on this site. Here’s what some customers wrote. 

“For more than two years we didn’t have any issues so I am really glad that things are going this way and it definitely deserves 5-stars review”


“They held my issue and terms incredibly well and accurately. Grateful.”


Justin Damiani was very knowledgeable, helpful, professional, and pleasant. Also, Mr. Damiani’s work product has been excellent and prompt. Give that man a raise! Thank you.”


“I give 1 star!! Maybe I’m not the lucky one but, now over a month since I made the payment, still no EIN. I sent an email to customer service with no response! It’s so frustrating. I know they put some pop-up messages for the delay due to Covid…can we at least have an idea if it will take 2 months, 6 months so that we can decide to pay our money with you or not?!”

Louanges Mang

Harvard Business Services LLC Service Review

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In this section, we’ll answer the question below with a deep dive into Harvard LLC reviews.

Is This Brand Right For You?

If you are fine with the limitations of forming your business only in Delaware, Harvard is a solid business formation service. It boasts one of the best customer reputations in the industry and the fact that it concentrates its services in Delaware makes it the most reliable in the state. 

Cost Value 

Though Harvard is not among the cheapest services you will find in the market, its pricing is competitive. Besides, the features you get for the price are pretty good, particularly with their lower package.

However, their upper packages aren’t a good deal as they add very little to what the Green package offers. 

Customer Service

Harvard Business Service offers excellent customer service which seems to be one of their top priorities. They offer email, phone, live chat, and even skype support, all of which are very reliable. 

The company includes a lifetime customer support service in all its packages. You can reach out to them via email or phone from 9 am to 5 pm ET Monday through Friday for your business lifetime.  

Their customer service representatives are very experienced and reliable. Additionally, they offer customer support in Spanish and, there is a  Spanish version of their website. 

Ease of Use

The ordering process with Harvard Business Service is very straightforward. It takes less than ten minutes to complete the ordering process. The only upsell we came across was that of purchasing an employer identification number (EIN). Otherwise, the site doesn’t have as many upsells as that of LegalZoom. As long as everything is in order, they guarantee the same-day delivery of your electronic business formation service. 

Included Features

Harvard Business service entry packages include features that you may not find in entry packages of other services. Not many LLC services will offer you a year of free registered agent, LLC formation, lifetime customer support, and expedited filing in an entry-level package. 

However, the operating agreement, a hard copy of documents, and LLC Kit & Seal are included in their top package. 


Harvard Business Services maintain a good reputation online, notably, thanks to their simple and easy-to-use interface, same-day filing, excellent customer support service, earning them a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of A+. In fact, the company does offer 1-year free registered agent services in all its packages followed by the industry’s cheapest annual charges for this service. 

However, these services are limited to Delaware, which may be its main drawback.

2 Top LLC Alternatives


Even though Harvard Business Service only concentrates on Delaware business formation, Zenbusiness is ranked as the best to use in any state. Founded in 2015, this Texas-based provider is the only service that includes 1-year free registered agent services, free operating agreement, and LLC formation services in all their packages. Despite all these offerings, their Basic package is only $39, which is much cheaper than that of Harvard Business Service. 


Founded in 2008 in Texas, the Incfile entry package is free and includes a year of free registered agent service and LLC formation just like that of Harvard but it is priced at $89. Though IncFile falls short in terms of customer feedback compared to Harvard Business Service, it outshines Harvard in nearly all other areas. 


If you are forming a business in Delaware, Harvard Business Service is among the top services to consider using. All their LLC formation packages include a 1-year free registered agent service, which is a necessary feature. The company also boasts great customer feedback. If you want to form a business elsewhere, you will need to use another service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Harvard Business Services legit?

Harvard Business service has formed more than 200, 000 businesses and boasts one of the best experiences. Besides, Their reputation for customer feedback is outstanding and they have been in the industry for more than thirty years.

Does Harvard Business Service have a refund policy?

Harvard Business Services offers a refund if you request it within 30 days of your subscription. However,  they deduct 5{ac23b82de22bd478cde2a3afa9e55fd5f696f5668b46466ac4c8be2ee1b69550} of service fees from your subscription fees. 

Does Harvard Business Service have good customer support?

Harvard Business Service has top-rated customer support based on our experience and customer reviews. They provide one of the most reliable communication channels including live chat, skype, email, and phone channels.

Can I form an LLC on my own?

Forming an LLC on your own is possible and it is the cheapest way to form an LLC. However, you will have to do the paperwork by yourself and the formation process may take longer. Professional services offer peace of mind by handling the paperwork on your behalf.

How does Harvard Business Services compare to other services?

Harvard Business Service is a great company for Delaware LLC formation. However, most services will form your LLC in all 50 states and this is where they outshine Harvard. Some top services such as ZenBusiness are cheaper but packed with more features than Harvard Business Service.