Hot Hacks to Stay Cool in the Office

Hot Hacks to Stay Cool in the Office

After the summer heatwave of 2022, business owners and employees can start preparing well in advance for the hot season next year, knowing the pain of just how heated it can get at work – and how high temperatures can impact productivity and staff comfort.

Staying cool in the workplace throughout summer (or year-round, for those living in a tropical climate) is critical to employee health, safety, comfort, and productivity; however, soaring thermostats are guaranteed to ruin everything. Still, heat aside, there are ways of keeping the degrees on the down low.

Some cooling solutions are easier and more affordable than others, but most business premises should have no issue following most of these hot hacks for hampering heat in the office.

Dress for the Weather

There’s no point in wearing a stifling shirt and blazer in the height of summer when this attire causes heat exhaustion – not to mention gnarly sweat patches. Instead of formal officewear that’s usually sweaty hot in the summer, opting for lightweight cotton polo shirts and linen clothes are much better, as they enable the skin to breathe and are more comfortable in the heat.

Switching to smart, flowy midi and maxi dresses is also a good idea, as they allow airflow and help people stay cool while still looking formal enough for the office.

Get a Portable Air Conditioning Unit

Not all workplaces are blessed with built-in air conditioning systems. An easy way around this problem when it’s super hot is to invest in a portable air con unit. Essentially, portable air conditioners work the same way as any air con system, except they’re typically smaller and, as the name suggests, portable.

You can take them and place them anywhere; if one room at work is particularly stuffy, put the portable air con unit in the space and turn it on – it’ll cool down in no time. The benefit of these devices is that they aren’t fixed in place, nor do they require complex installation and infrastructure to work. Just place them where you want, plug them in, and there you have it – a cooler, air-conditioned space for as long as you need.


Of course, this tip is obvious; however, the number of workers who forget to drink enough water because they’re so busy all day is astonishing. Failing to drink sufficient fluids is a quick way to become dehydrated, which is detrimental to physical and mental health.

Set reminders on your phone or computer to tell you to drink throughout the day. Avoid sodas, tea, or coffee; your beverages should be caffeine-free, cold, and hydrating, such as water or fruit juices (without the added sugar). Also, keeping a jug of ice-cold water handy at your desk is perfect for hydration at work and staying cool, as is having a filled water bottle prepared at all times.

Wet Wrists

Letting cold water flow over your wrists can cool you – fast. Wrist veins are close to the skin’s surface, where heat is easily lost. Thus, cold water over them removes the heat from the blood, cooling the body’s temperature.

Eat Smaller Lunches

Large meals can lead to feeling sluggish and overheating, as your metabolism has to work harder to digest larger quantities of food, increasing body temperature. Instead, stick to small, light lunches and snacky foods.