Where Fox News and Donald Trump Took Us

More than Memorial Day weekend in 2011, a caravan of journalists chased her up the East Coastline during a 6-day journey from Washington to New Hampshire, believing she might use the occasion to announce that she would operate against Mr. Obama. The journey also involved a dinnertime prevent at Trump Tower, in which she and its most renowned resident stepped out in entrance of the paparazzi on their way to get pizza.

She would not reveal her intentions till later on that calendar year, in October. And when she did, she broke the information on Mark Levin’s radio show — not on Fox Information. It was a slight that infuriated Mr. Ailes, who experienced been shelling out her $1 million a year with the expectation that it would pay back off with the buzz and significant rankings that type of announcement could produce.

There were being symptoms at the time that Mr. Trump was beginning to fill the void in Fox’s protection — and in conservative politics — that would exist with no Ms. Palin heart phase. He had been acquiring a appreciable total of coverage from the network lately for his fixation on wild rumors about Mr. Obama’s background.

A single interview in March 2011 on “Fox & Friends” — the demonstrate known inside of the community to be these a close reflection of Mr. Ailes’s most loved tale strains that staff identified as it “Roger’s daybook” — was usual of how Mr. Trump employed his media system to endear himself to the challenging appropriate. He spent an full phase that morning chatting about ways that the president could be lying about getting born in the United States. “It’s turning out to be a quite large deal simply because people today now are contacting me from all over indicating, ‘Please really do not give up on this situation,’” Mr. Trump boasted.

A few times soon after that interview, the network declared a new phase on “Fox & Friends”: “Mondays With Trump.” A promo teased that it would be “Bold, brash and in no way bashful.” And it was on “Fox & Friends” the place Mr. Trump appeared right after his pizza outing with Ms. Palin in the spring, chatting up his prospects as a contender for the White Household over hers.

Mr. Trump and Mr. Ailes had been, at to start with, seemingly effectively matched.

However he had economic motivations for selling sensational but misleading stories, Mr. Ailes also appeared to be a legitimate believer in some of the darkest and most weird political conspiracy theories.

In 2013, Mr. Obama himself raised the challenge with Michael Clemente, the Fox News government vice president for information, inquiring him at the White Household Correspondents’ Evening meal regardless of whether Mr. Ailes was entirely acquired-in on the conspiracies about the president’s birthplace. “Does Roger truly feel this things?” Mr. Obama asked. Mr. Clemente answered, “He does.”